Stellaris Console Commands

Console Commands

Stellaris cheats paradox wikis and commands for better gameplay:

Stellaris cheats for all the major events and plays:

Are you searching for the stellaris cheats? If the answer is yes then keep reading for the further info.In the event that you need to add to this page, which is a work in advance, in the console enter “help” to see the detailed list of stellaris console cheats, at that point to see a parameter and description of a code, write “help [code-name]”, and then put the relating detail elements into the list.

stelalris cheats

This page manages stellaris cheats pc used as a part of the console. Stellaris is, in fact, a 4x outstanding method game posted through paradox interactive. Stellaris is a real-time awesome method recreation set in place within the year 2200. Human beings control vessels and studies ships among other things, a war is greater structured in the direction of the bigger image, strategy and preparation.


This page records the codes which might be a contribution to the Console Window, an extraordinary error removing window which might be gotten to on non-ironman amusements by squeezing Shift+2, Shift+3, ALT+2+1, ~, °, §,^, ², or ` (key differs in light of console format). Press the up or down arrows to cross through beforehand executed console commands for stellaris. Many codes can be disabled by repeating the order of them, yet now and again reloading the spare or leaving the diversion is needed.

List of stellaris cheats:

If Text is in closed with <> it implies you have to perform the action for the stellaris wiki console commands to work properly. Sample, <Select Planet> implies a planet should be chosen ingame before you execute the console commands stellaris.

In the event that you have to know something’s ID, then you can observe it in its tooltip by trying the Stellaris cheats tweakergui debugtooltip (pre 1.1) or debugtooltip (1.1).Species IDs can be situated in the species data tab.

Command Parameter Description Example
wireframe None Switches unwilling wireframe on/off wireframe
window [arguments open/close] [window gui name] Initiates an GUI window components window open advisor_window
warscore [amount] Includes the provided warscore for all of an empire’s active wars warscore 75
war_on_player [country id] Compels the target state to declare war on the player war_on_player 05
volume [volume delta] Alters music volume volume 20
version None Types game form to clipboard version
update.particles None REMOVED COMMAND
update.animations None REMOVED COMMAND
filewatcher None Toggles filewatcher filewatcher
error None Show errors in log error
draw.tigrid None Utilized with tweakergui. Switches rendering of the yellow network in universe outline. Utilize unknown. tweakergui draw.tigrid
draw.greenscreen None Utilized with tweakergui. Switches rendering a green screen behind the foundation. Turning to the foundation (draw.background) will give you an absolutely green-screened amusement that you can use for video purposes. You ought to likewise utilize line draw.navigationarrows and draw.systemlines. tweakergui draw.greenscreen
deposits None Displays stats for deposits deposits
crash None Crash the game crash
bombardeffecttest None REMOVED COMMAND
alerts.showall None REMOVED COMMAND
add_ethic_pop [Pop ID] [Ethic Key] Add ethic to a pop add_ethic_pop purged ethic_fanatic_authoritarian
3dstats None Switches 3D Stats (FPS and render time) 3dstats 
achievement_status None Print achievement status achievement_status
debug_achievements None TODO


draw.shipintersection None Used with tweakergui. ? tweakergui draw.shipintersection
deltat [delta_t] [scale value] Ratios Delta Time with given digit TODO
effect None Executes an effect script. effect crystal_hit_effect


List of Resources:

These all given codes are part of the stellaris cheats research. Usage with wiki war commander is not confirmed yet. Your initial couple of hours in Stellaris will for the most part be spent nursing your civilization and will concentrate more on governmental issues and asset gathering than on full-scale engagements. In any case, when war comes, Stellaris can be ruthless.

Need fast and simple money, innovation and minerals, or just to turn off the rival AI totally? At that point look no more remote than these snappy codes.Stellaris cheats

Energy energy
Minerals minerals
Food food
Physics Research physics_research
Society Research society_research
Engineering Research engineering_research
Influence influence
Unity unity
Terraforming Gases sr_terraform_gases
Terraforming Liquids sr_terraform_liquids
Garanthium Ore sr_garanthium
Lythuric Gas sr_lythuric
Engos Vapor sr_engos
Teldar Crystals sr_teldar
Pitharan Dust sr_pitharan
Orillium Ore sr_orillium
Satramene Gas sr_satramene
Neutronium Ore sr_neutronium
Living Metal sr_living_metal
Zro sr_zro
Alien Pets sr_alien_pets
Betharian Stone sr_betharian
Dark Matter sr_dark_matter
Yurantic Crystals sr_yuranic
Riggan Spice sr_riggan
XuraGel sr_xuran
Muutagan Crystals sr_muutagan


There are a lot of opportunities for you such as Stellaris console commands technology. You can enjoy the twist of trends with Stellaris console commands research.

List of Planet Classes:

For planet class of Stellaris cheats you should follow these given codes:


Class ID
Desert pc_desert
Tropical pc_tropical
Arid pc_arid
Continental pc_continental
Ocean pc_ocean
Tundra pc_tundra
Arctic pc_arctic
Alpine pc_alpine
Savannah pc_savannah
Gas Giant pc_gas_giant
Asteroid pc_asteroid
Crystalline Asteroid pc_crystal_asteroid
Molten pc_molten
Barren pc_barren
Barren (Cold) pc_barren_cold
Toxic pc_toxic
Frozen pc_frozen
Tomb pc_nuked
Shielded pc_shielded
Machine pc_machine
AI pc_ai
Infested pc_infested
Shrouded pc_shrouded
Gaia pc_gaia
B Star pc_b_star
A Star pc_a_star
F Star pc_f_star
G Star pc_g_star
K Star pc_k_star
M Star pc_m_star
Black Hole pc_black_hole
Neutron Star pc_neutron_star
Pulsar pc_pulsar
Ringworld (Habitable) pc_ringworld_habitable
Ringworld (Habitable Damaged) pc_ringworld_habitable_damaged
Ringworld (Tech) pc_ringworld_tech
Ringworld (Tech Damaged) pc_ringworld_tech_damaged
Ringworld (Seam) pc_ringworld_seam
Ringworld (Seam Damaged) pc_ringworld_seam_damaged
Orbital Habitat pc_habitat (always mammalian appearance)


List of ship designs:

The Ship Designer (Hotkey F10) is the place players may make, update and alter ship formats and barrier stations. All outlines made or altered apply just for new shipbuilding orders, not to ships officially under development or in the fleet. Be that as it may, a fleet can be requested to move up to the closest spaceport with a specific end goal to refresh its whole plan. When it does as such, each ship will move up to the most recent existing plan for its body measure that has a name indistinguishable to its present outline name (e.g., a Victory-class cruiser will move up to the latest “victory” cruiser outline). In the event that there is no such indistinguishably named outline, it will move up to the latest plan for its body estimate, regardless of the name.

Name Ship
Seeker alien corvette
Starfang alien destroyer
Persistent alien huge destroyer
Sword alien cruiser
Divine Glory cultist battleship
Diaspora nomad ark
Protector nomad destroyer
Nomad Cruiser nomad cruiser
Cloud Entity void cloud
Corsair pirate destroyer
Black Earl pirate cruiser
Pirate Galleon Old Guard
Ancient Mining Drone mining drone miner
Ancient Combat Drone mining drone corvette
Ancient Destroyer mining drone destroyer
Guardian Guardian on Zanaam
DS47 space probe
Space Station primitive space station
Sentry sensor station
Vigil sentinel station
Crystal Nidus Crystal Prism
Drone Home Base Home Base Ore Grinder (for some reason it’s far larger than it should)
The Matriarch Tiyanki Matriarch (unused but perfectly functional)

You can surely search for the war commander wiki sandstorm. In order to play the game you must have a grip on the Stellaris crisis console commands.

List of Traits:

Traits mean an animal types’ intrinsic biological abilities, functions, and personality. Animal traits are chosen at the start of another diversion, however a species or certain flies of animal categories can adjust new characteristics through a hereditary building or infrequently irregularities and occasions. Moreover, you can have wiki war commander wiki ronin and war commander rogue assault.


Planet Preference Trait Trait ID
Alpine trait_pc_alpine_preference
Arctic trait_pc_arctic_preference
Arid trait_pc_arid_preference
Continental trait_pc_continental_preference
Desert trait_pc_desert_preference
Gaia trait_pc_gaia_preference
Habitat trait_pc_habitat_preference
Ocean trait_pc_ocean_preference
Ringworld trait_pc_ringworld_habitable_preference
Savannah trait_pc_savannah_preference
Tomb World trait_pc_nuked_preference
Tropical trait_pc_tropical_preference
Tundra trait_pc_tundra_preference

These codes are just primary Stellaris multiplayer cheats. Likewise, you can also explore and learn about the war commander wiki titan and Stellaris ironman cheats.

List of major events:

If you want to learn about the Stellaris utopia cheats or something like that you must explore them in detail. Stellaris ai cheats can also be helpful to you.


ID Event
anomaly.140 Shrines to the Old Gods
anomaly.168 Old Gods: Revelation
anomaly.170 The Exile
anomaly.186 Limbo
anomaly.1197 Limbo: Awoken
anomaly.3040 Pirate Exiles
anomaly.3085 The Prince
anomaly.3091 The Ransomers
anomaly.3135 Stay Calm
anomaly.4035 Fire of the Furnace
anomaly.4045 Echoes from the Deep
anomaly.4081 Abandoned Sensor Array
anomaly.4105 The Fumes Lie Thick
anomaly.4131 The Tree
anomaly.4156 Beneath the Battlefield
colony.1 Migrating Forests
colony.50 Subterranean Civilization
colony.100 Abandoned Terraforming Equipment
colony.150 Underground Vault
colony.1500 Helpful Drones
colony.1520 Pollen Aphrodisiac
colony.2005 Submerged Cruiser
colony.2015 An Odd Factor
colony.2030 Colonial Assassin
colony.2035 Infectious
colony_mod.1 Uncertain History
colony_mod.2 Titanic Life
colony_mod.3 Unstable Tectonics
country.1 Sublight Exploration Probes
country.50 Habitable Worlds Survey
country.53 Alien Specimen Procurement
country.200 Radical Cult
country.250 The Hunt for the Hyacinth
country.999 Comet Sighted
country.1000 Wanderlust: Rogue Scientist
country.1100 Mass Extinction Through the Ages
crisis.210 Prethoryn Scourge Defeated
crisis.199 Prethoryn Scourge
crisis.105 Prethoryn queen captured (must select a fleet to spawn)
crisis.50 Sentinels (Prethoryn Scourge event)
crisis.1000 The Unbidden
crisis.1100 The Aberrant
crisis.1200 The Vehement (requires The Aberrant to appear)
crisis.2000 The Contingency
crisis.2400 Cybrex Return
fallen_empires_awakening.1 Sleepers Awake (must select a fallen empire with the play command beforehand or YOU will awaken)
fallen_empires_tasks.1 A patronizing or machine fallen empire sends a random gift
galactic_features.301 Fallen Empire mothballed fleet (must select a fleet to spawn)
galactic_features.304 Grand Admiral Tuborek
galactic_features.360 Void Cloud Offspring (trigger twice to spawn a controllable void cloud)
nomad.1 Nomads spawn in a secret outside sensor range
nomad.500 Nomad ships proposal
pirate.1 The Birth of Space Piracy
precursor.2098 Cybrex Home System Located
akx.8888 Horizon Signal (must select a fleet to trigger)
akx.9101 The Loop Temple: Time and Stone (must select a planet to trigger)
akx.10010 The Worm (must select a planet to trigger)

These all are the stellaris cheats for your ease.

War commander wiki: Download stellaris console, commands, console, and cheats

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